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Message from the Head of the Department

All kinds of materials of different qualities needed in daily life are obtained from a few elements accepted by IUPAC in the periodic table. Chemistry not only examines the reactions of these limited numbers of elements or their compounds but also helps to develop techniques and methods for elucidating the structural and chemical properties of these materials. Especially disciplines such as molecular biology, biotechnology, medicine, medicine, environment, energy, food, textile, materials science, and automotive industry are directly connected to the science of chemistry. In short, chemistry; it is recognized as a central science for basic and applied sciences.

Since its establishment in 1961, Ege University Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry has been providing theoretical and practical education to its students as well as practicing chemistry education with its many laboratories. While some of our graduates can be admitted to national and international masters and doctoral programs for academic studies, most of them can work as chemists in different industrial institutions of our country. There are 582 first and 155-second undergraduate students in our department. Our 4th-grade students benefit from the gains they have gained from compulsory and elective courses and improve their knowledge and experience by conducting resource search and graduate thesis studies with different research groups. In the Department of Chemistry, Institute of Science and Technology, there are 116 graduate students in analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, and organic chemistry programs. Our department, which serves our undergraduate and graduate students, consists of 24 experienced and well-equipped faculty members, 9 research assistants and 8 chemists, and you can find detailed information about their studies at


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